Tioga Central Railcars


railroad equipment - dining car


Our dining car, the 370 Crooked Creek, is an ex-CNR car. It seats 48 and includes a fully functioning stainless steel kitchen used during our dinner trains.








Our 64-seat table car, the 365 Norris Brook, is a 1939 Budd Stainless Steel car acquired in 2001 from the now-defunct. Broadway Dinner Train. This car is handicapped accessible and provides large windows for scenic views. The 365 Norris Brook is one of two stainless steel railcars in the Tioga Central consist.






500 Canyon Club


The 500 Canyon Club is an ex-Canadian National car, originally built as an open-platform observation car in 1920, and is the oldest car in the Tioga Central consist.







 open observation car

Our popular open observation car, the 300 Ives Run, is an ex-Pennsylvania Railroad P-70 coach, and was recently remodeled. Bench seating allows for large numbers of passengers in the car. Although this is an open air car, there is no smoking. This is true for all of our cars of the Tioga Central Railroad.






coach 285


Coach 285, an ex-Canadian National car, originally built in 1942, is a 64-seat coach, and operates on all of Tioga Central’s excursions. In 2008, this car was named “Ned Marrow” to honor a dedicated volunteer.







Electrical power is provided by our head-end power Car 410, a 75′ baggage car acquired from the Ontario Northland Railway. Car 410 is Tioga Central’s most recent acquisition.